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250 hrs | evening & weekend
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    Become an experienced UI/UX designer in just 6 months.

    Learn UI/UX with a modern learning method using real life experience. During this course you will complete substantial design projects both individually and in a team. You will gain practical skills in Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator and will study about networks, mobile apps and e-commerce.

    All these projects will combine into an impressive portfolio designed to reinforce everything you have learned in the course. The final portfolio will be your main tool to show your creative digital abilities and will make you an outstanding candidate for the job you desire.

    With years of experience in the industry, our mentors will share their professional knowledge and will help you graduate with a UI/UX design mindset.

    The UI/UX Designer course curriculum was developed by the Israeli tech education leader – Wawiwa Tech Training in collaboration with the industry’s leading companies. The course syllabus is continually updated, making this program relevant and up to date with the digital world, assuring you will be job-ready upon graduation.

    Real world experience

    Gain Real-World Experience through the Israeli Training Model of the Startup Nation

    Job Placement

    Strong Industry Collaboration and Focus on Job Placement

    Cutting edge program

    top notch training materials, workshops, interactive learning platform

    Who is the program for?

    University graduates

    University graduates that are not job-ready
    because they have only theoretical base but no experience.

    Career changers

    People that want to learn
    a new profession and earn a higher salary.


    Young people for whom a practical course in IT
    is more important than a theoretical one.

    Upskillers in the IT domain

    People that want to upgrade their tech skills
    and get a better position in their company.


    People who must be up-to-date with the latest changes
    in the industry in order to improve their business.

    Students of an online IT course

    People who took an unqualified online IT course
    that didn’t prepare them for the job.


    This module will emphasize the importance of user experience in every product we create. Further, we will learn the origin of the concept, when and how it grew, and we will set the foundations for optimal user experience and advanced principles of user experience.

    • Familiarity with basic concepts and with the basic software and pen tool
    • Creating and editing routes
    • Transformation and complex forms
    • Graphic style and text
    • Working with data visualization tools
    • Creating UI elements & forms

    • Basic concepts in image processing and familiarity with the software
    • Photoshop drawing, working layers and working with Presets and libraries
    • Photoshop photo overhaul, working with selection areas building an initial montage
    • Saving and exporting files, working with Artboards and Vectors
    • Creating GIFs

    • Basic concepts and familiarity with the software
    • Understanding responsive
    • Creating a low & high-fidelity wireframe
    • Creating an interactive prototype
    • Creating component base interface

    • Digital formats, resolution, and basic Gestalt principles
    • Typography for the web, combining fonts and arranging text
    • Composition, image making, visual hierarchy
    • Layout and grid
    • Shapes, lines and digital art
    • Web design – concept, mood board & design
    • Colors, theme and palates
    • Accessibility in digital interface

    • UX designer role
    • Research methods
    • Cognitive process
    • Controls and information architecture
    • Mental models
    • Prioritize and set up features
    • eCommerce best practice
    • Mobile first vs hybrid apps
    • Responsive
    • Data visualization

    • Creating design systems
    • Interactive prototype
    • Hands-on creating UI layout
    • Creating and solving real-life problems using up-to-date technology-driven products
    • Data visualization
    • Storyboard & motion design in digital interface
    • Atomic design principles
    • Dashboards

    • Creating your first portfolio
    • Preparatory workshop for market: home tasks, CV (understanding your personal strength), getting ready for job interviews
    • Hand-off process
    • Modern web technologies and working with development teams

    Israeli expertise

    Eran Lasser Founder & CEO

    Eran is a tech education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Eran founded and managed John Bryce Training – the leading IT training firm in Israel and is responsible for the reskilling of more than 50,000 individuals now working as tech professionals.
    Eran was responsible for the training of computer professionals in the Israeli Defense Forces (MAMRAM).

    Leah Mansoor VP Business Development

    Leah has over 15 years of experience in global business development and in running international operations. Leah supported oversees operations in setting up new business. Her work experience includes software development, project management and start-up mentoring.

    Daniel Anderson CTO, Chief Training Officer

    Daniel is Wawiwa’s Chief Training Officer. He is a Full-Stack Developer and Data Scientist and has worked in a variety of start-ups.
    Daniel was the Chief Trainer at the Israel Defense Force’s Tech Training Center.


    Working in UX involves various elements of research, testing, business analysis, project management and psychology, as well as the more hands-on design tasks such as wireframing and prototyping. Despite the variety the role offers, day-to-day roles usually include conducting user research, designing user flows, determining the architecture of digital products and more.

    Yes! All graduates who have successfully completed the program will receive a User Experience Specialist certificate.

    Thousands of alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to potential employers, along with their LinkedIn networks. Our UX/UI programs are well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and partner with us to train their own teams.

    If there are no restrictions, studies take place mainly at our physical center. In case of any travel or gathering restrictions, the program moves seamlessly online – with live interactive sessions with your trainers. Some learning materials – like class recordings and topics for self-study – can be watched on-demand from anywhere.

    Register your interest, take a 1-hour online assessment test, and have a talk with one of our career advisors.

    This is an entry-level program for beginners and career changes, no background needed. However, all candidates take a computerized assessment to ensure that they have the right personality, as well as the basic math and logic skil to complete the program and be successful in their future jobs.

    Why us?

    Israeli tech experience

    NewTech uses the latest tools and digital technology methodologies developed together with our leading tech Israeli partners.

    Expert instructors

    Expert instructors and mentors with industry tech experience from leading companies.

    Cutting edge program

    Best in class training materials, workshops and interactive learning platform that are continually updated with the IT industry demand.

    Free consultation

    Our education consultant will introduce you to our programs and will help you choose the right course for you.

    Create your portfolio

    Create an amazing portfolio with practical projects that will help you lend your desired job.

    Focus on your career

    Our career guidance and strong collaboration with major tech companies offer the best job opportunities for you.

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