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Join us and see how in 5 steps you
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Real world experience
Job placement
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From your free consultation meeting with our school adviser till your graduation, here are the steps that will make you work ready for the tech job you desire.

1 Personalized Consultation

Get a free one on one consultation with our school expert, learn about the different programs and choose the course that will maximize your chances to graduate successfully and land the tech job you desire.

2 Program/Syllabus

Study using the latest tools and digital technology methodologies developed together with our leading tech Israeli partners. Practice real life projects using our interactive learning platform.

3 Expert instructors

Learn from certified mentors with years of experience in the tech industry. Get professional insights, support, and constant feedback.

4 Professional Portfolio

All your tasks and practical projects will add to a final professional portfolio. This portfolio will give you an advantage in reaching your desired job.

5 Job Consultation

Get a free personal consultation with our job adviser, improve your cv, sharpen your interview skills and get ready for the job.

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